Terms and Conditions


  1. The personal information you provide on your order form is only used for the processing of your order.
  2. This information will not be given to third parties without your permission.
  3. If you select yes on your order form, your contact information may be used in the future for purposes of FYRE promotions.


  1. Unless otherwise stated, the copyright of all images is retained by the photographer.
  2. Images are licensed to the purchaser for personal use only. For all other uses, written permission must be obtained from the copyright holder.
  3. High resolution digital images are licensed to the purchaser for personal use only. For all other uses, written permission must be obtained from the copyright holder. High resolution digital images may not be edited/retouched without written permission from the copyright holder.
  4. Web ready images are licensed to the purchaser for personal use only and must remain unedited and retain the photographer’s signature/watermark. If the purchaser wishes to use a non-watermarked image then they must purchase a high resolution digital copy from the copyright holder.


  1. Once your order is completed, a confirmation email will be forwarded to you along with instructions for payment.
  2. Please review the payment details carefully, as your order will not be processed until the payment is received in full.
  3. FYRE holds no responsibility if you enter incorrect payment details.
  4. Payment methods accepted by FYRE include cash, cheque and direct bank deposit.
  5. Cash orders are only available when submitting an order direct to the ‘Photographer’. Cash orders will not be accepted via mail for online orders.
  6. For cash orders, correct payment must be supplied in the envelope with your order, as change will not be given. FYRE accepts no responsibility for order envelopes not sealed.  If insufficient money/payment details are enclosed we will attempt to contact parents, otherwise the order will be returned for correction.
  7. FYRE does not accept Credit Cards on line.


  1. Once your payment is received in full, allow for 7-14 days processing time to complete your order.


  1. FYRE ships all our orders using Australia Post.
  2. Shipping will incur a $10 flat rate for postage and handling, with exception for custom orders whereby the delivery fee will vary between orders.
  3. Please allow for 3-10 days shipping to local areas.
  4. FYRE Photography is not responsible for Australia Post delivery policies or disruptions. We will endeavour to help track down lost or stolen products with these suppliers but ultimately they need to be held responsible for their own actions.


  1. Discounts do not include Postage & Handling. This amount will be added to your order total.
  2. Discounts are not applicable for custom orders.
  3. Only one discount may be applied per order.
  4. Packages are already discounted from original prices. If you select a package deal, no additional discount will be applied.


  1. Please review your order form and selected image/s carefully before placing your order. Once the order is placed, refunds will only be granted if the product is:
    1. Faulty or damaged
    2. Not the purchase options you selected in your order
    3. Pre-purchased and you are not completely satisfied with the image quality
  2. Refunds will not be granted if you
    1. Accidentally selected the wrong options
    2. Do not like your image


      1. Where the subject/s of the photograph is under 18 years of age, photos will be supplied to parents/guardians of the subject/s only.
      2. Purchasers must express their relationship to the subject in the order form.
      3. If the purchaser is not the parent/guardian and wishes to continue with the order, written permission must be obtained from the parent/guardian before proceeding with the sale.